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13 September 2017How women lived, loved and died in Paris 1939-1949
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08 November 2017What really happened on Easter Island
13 December 2017Norman Rockwell's Christmas Wish

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How women lived, loved and died in Paris 1939-1949
Anna Sebba
Wednesday 13 September 2017

What did it feel like to be a woman living in Paris from 1939 - 1949? This is a story about women’s lives during the dark years of Nazi occupation and beyond. They include British and American women caught in Paris, as well as native born resisters who were eventually sent to camps. Even at the darkest moments of the Occupation, with the Swastika flying from the Eiffel Tower and pet dogs howling on the streets, glamour was ever present. French women wore lipstick. Why? The lecture opens with a magnificent surrealist circus ball at Versailles: many could not believe that war was imminent. It ends with Dior’s lavish new look in 1947 and his perfume, Miss Dior, named after his sister, Catherine, who only just survived a prison camp.

Anne Sebba is a biographer, historian and author of many books (including “Les Parisiennes” and “That woman, a life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor”)