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Leatherhead Decorative & Fine Arts Society
08 March 2017LeDFAS 20th Birthday
02 February 2017Old Bailey visit.
09 July 2016Art Exhibitions July-September 2016
30 June 2016June Robinson receives BEM
30 March 2016Are you visiting Australia or New Zealand?
04 January 2016Hosting a Lecturer
01 March 2013CELEBRATING 2012
06 September 2011Car Parking and Coach Pick-Ups:Leatherhead Leisure Centre

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LeDFAS 20th Birthday

Wednesday 08 March 2017

 LeDFAS chairman John Andrews and president June Robinson cutting the cake

Press Notice

LeDFAS 20th Birthday

On Wednesday 8 March we celebrated our 20th anniversary as a society: one branch of many in the National Decorative and Fine Arts Society (NADFAS).  Leatherhead is particularly privileged in that our branch president, June Robinson, is also the chairman of what has now become an international organisation.  She joined our chairman, John Andrews, for the celebration and helped him cut the superb cake (which had been baked by his wife Mary).

We had a most enjoyable lecture by John Ericson, on the subject of art inspired by wine.  He is a very popular speaker and the event was well attended.  He started with a joke that got everybody laughing, and the humour continued throughout his talk.  Pictures of the infant Bacchus, and some cartoons on the subject of the over-enjoyment of wine, were particularly amusing.

He showed us some beautiful decanters and interesting corkscrews, noting that there are more than 300 British corkscrew patents.  He continued by talking about the importance of wine labels, which have a great influence on which bottles we choose to buy.  Château Mouton Rothschild has invited famous artists to contribute artworks for its labels, which have become collectables.  We all learned a lot about wine and its accessories.

At the end of the talk we had glasses of wine to celebrate (though sadly not from that château).  People stayed longer than usual to chat to each other, and that rounded off the evening.